Health Information and Education Unit (H.I.E.U)


        Medbeats.com has been catering the need of medical professionals since Four years. The Health Information and Education Unit is a new addition to this site. The section was founded on 7th of April ( World Health Day) 2004 with Dr. Md Tauheed Ahmad M.D. Community Medicine (Std) as the  First Incharge for the year 2004. The main aims of H.I.E.U. is spreading Health Awareness, Information and Education amongst the local peoples of Aligarh District and in surrounding area. Aligarh is a small town near about 130KM from New Delhi (Capital City of India). Although we are 130 km away from New Delhi but the Health System in Aligarh is very poor as compared to New Delhi. The Slum areas in and around Aligarh district are not up to the mark in as far as Health System is conserned. We are working here in Aligarh to improve this system.  In this regard we are taking help from various Government and Non-Government Organization active in and around Aligarh district. We need volunteers from Aligarh and other cities who can work without any personal motive  in the service of humanity. We also need help from other organization in this regards. If someone want to join us than feedback us with Name, Address, Email, Tel/cell No. and some ideas which he/she want to implement in this sector.



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